Vizsla Puppies

Repeat Litter – Remy & Amber

Vizsla Puppies Spring 2020 Sire: Remy Dame: Amber
Litter expected in Spring of 2020

Our December 2019 Litter

Vizsla puppy December 2019
This puppy “Fig” is 12 weeks old and is from a repeat breeding of Zeus and Didi. The first litter produced #1 Show Vizsla in Canada (2018-2019) GCH Hera.

Our December 2018 Litter

Some of Our Litters Over the Years

  • Professional Vizsla breeder - new litter March 2018

Past  Litter Information


Vizsla Bonneterre puppies - Fall 2017 Litter

This litter could be considered the product of a perfect match! The sire is Grand Champion Bonneterre Africa Zeus (who obtained #1 Vizsla in Field and #2 Versitile Pointing Dog) and the dame is Champion Bonneterre Just Moxie who is the one of the newer, yet well-established Bonneterre Champions.

Pictures of some of our puppies going home with their excited new owners.

  • New owners for Vizsla puppy

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