We regularly get updates on how our puppies settled into their new homes and many emails and letters describing the exceptional temperament of our vizslas. They’ve been impressing people all over the country! Here are a few updates from Bonneterre Vizsla owners.

Email received March, 2021

Hi Ray,
Thanks for connecting with us on Arlo’s post in the Vizsla Facebook group today. We’ll recount our experience with Arlo so far and include some pictures that you can forward to Remi’s owner.

Arlo has grown into such a great dog, and she is only one year old today. She’s very very affectionate, easy to train, great with any dog she meets, and quite the little hunter. She’s quickly proven herself to stand out in the field. Weston’s dad has worked with bird dogs his whole life, but always with Nova Scotia Duck Tollers and Springer Spaniels, etc. Arlo is his first experience with a Vizsla, and I think he was skeptical at first, but now it’s safe to say he’s hooked. She generates quite a bit of excitement at the club where they hunt, not only for her striking deep red colouring, but also for her drive in the field. She gets into a hyper-focused working zone when she is in the field and it’s amazing to watch. She is an excellent pointer and retriever of pheasant and chuckers (all we have hunted with her so far). She has a great nose for the birds, works the field well, and is always the first dog on them. We normally hunt her with a Nova Scotia Duck Toller who does the flushing after Arlo has found the bird and is on point, giving the shooter lots of time to get ready. Her recall is excellent. We use a combination of voice commands and an audio beep collar to keep her from getting out of range, but she responds well to a whistle as well. We haven’t hunted with her in water yet, but we’re sure she’ll excel at that one day too. In the summers, we spend almost every weekend at our cottage on Lake Huron where she spends her days fetching in the water. Once COVID restrictions end, we would love to get her involved in agility as well, since she is so athletic, easy to train, and eager to please.

We’re so happy with how she has grown the past year, and can’t wait to see what many many more years have in store for her. If you ever have a repeat litter of Remi x Amber, let us know. At some point in the future, we’d love another Vizsla in our family, and we’re a fan of that combo for obvious reasons.

Thanks again, and have a great day.

–Lindsey and Weston

Email received January 3, 2021

The last 2 nights Percy seems to sleep in closed crate from 11-4 and 4:30- 7:0. This is pretty good!! He is a curious, playful, bright companion. Toilet training is going quite well. If we set him up for success he does well. He does sit and come indoors. Is working on a couple other skills. Loved his toys. And anything woven like baskets. We are thrilled to have him! We take him for walks couple times each day. I don’t want to flood your email with too many messages but here you are. Thanks for giving him a solid start!


Email received December 25, 2020

Hi Ray;

Merry Christmas from us and Banjo!! He’s doing well and already knows sit and come :). He does great with other dogs, doesn’t get distracted when walking, we love him to bits! The clicker trainer is working best for him.

Lyndsey, Jordan, Banjo

Email received August 2019

Hi Ray;
Here is a photo of Stan the Man, aka the Magnificent Stanley, at age 8 months. He’s such a handsome and sweet-tampered boy.

Jessica Walsh and Dan Parry

Vizsla Bonneterre Kennels offspring Stan the Man sitting pretty

Email received December 2018

Dear Ray,

Bella and her human family send most cordial greetings and warm wishes for the coming New Year and Merry Christmas.

Bella Vizsla - Vizsla Bonne Terre Kennels Testimonial

Bella is a wonderful pup and growing up nicely. She is intelligent and cheerful, she is equally keen on playing, chasing squirrels, doing the “nose work”, pointing birds, and learning new tricks in her obedience classes. She is very active on her “social scene” in the dog park and knows how to stand her ground even with bigger dogs.

Bella Vizsla dog

Bella is very cute and loving but at the same time confident and keeps herself busy with her toys. From the first day she sleeps very well in her crate, that gives us peace of mind when we leave for work. We love her dearly.

Svitlana, Victor and Roman, and Bella pup

Field Training

Vizsla Bonneterre Africa Zeus X Busch’s Princess of Wales first litter puppy Vizslavilla Shiftin Gears (Shifty). NAVHDA prize 2 on Sept. 9/2017. Missed perfect score by 2 points, handler (me) error. We will be spending the rest of the year hunting and having fun going after wild birds and focus on training for CKC FD in the new year.

Rich Leitch

Puppy Update March 2018

Great puppy. Integrating well – he’s a big boy!

John Rocco

Vizsla Bonneterre puppy update

Email received October 2017

Good morning Ray,

I just thought I would send you a quick email to let you know how Dakota’s first week at home went.

He is a very social boy. He has had many visitors and is happy to see them all.

His favorite place to sleep is the couch of course but he sleeps great in the kennel too.

He has adjusted well to being away from his siblings and never cries at night. Unless he needs to go out to do his business. He mostly sleeps through the night and gets up when I get up for work.

I have attached a couple of pictures.

Vizsla puppy Dakota's first week at home (2 pictures)

Take care,

Email received October 2017

Royal - VizslaRoyal has been a part of our family for almost 2 years… We were told by Ray that his dogs were known for there gentle personality, and he was right! Royal is an amazing dog who is so gentle with our 3 kids. He was super easy and eager to train from his first day home! We love our pup and we are ready for another!

The Gibbs family

Royal vizsla lying with two stuffed dogs

Royal, asleep after a long day at the farm

Email received March 2016

Vizsal Dog standing at attentionHello again, Ray!

Here are a few more pics of Morley. He is the best dog imaginable. We are so lucky to live in the Vizsla in palyful stanceBeaches in Toronto where he can have the huge lakefront as his playground from November til April. I can rely on Morley to be polite and empathic with all the dogs and humans we meet on our adventures. His recall is 90 %.

When he was 2, he went through a short lived stage of being impatient with very young puppies but now, at 3, he has matured and instinctively adapts his behaviour with young and small dogs so that he does not overwhelm them. He plays extremely well with Boxers, Dobermans, and Great Danes.

He is a treasured member of my running club and does extremely well as a running companion on disciplined runs. He adapts to the “pack” and follows instruction beautifully. I am hoping to bring a female V puppy into our family and will be in touch soon as to your litter schedule.

Thank you for the joy your beautiful dogs bring to this life.


Email received March 2016


I hope all is well. Roscoe is great. Such a great dog. Makes great company. Such a wonderful companion. A typical Vizsla. Loves to cuddle…can be lazy like us…but soo energetic as well. 🙂

For supper he had a steak with sweet potatoes, sugar snap peas and carrots. 🙂

Attached is a picture of today for his 1st birthday. I will attach more as well. 🙂

4 pictures of Roscoe - a Vizsla BonneTerre dog

Roscoe is just an absolute wonderful dog. Such a loveable breed.
Thank you again…and many more for a wonderful dog.

Kind regards,

Chantal and Family

Email received January 2016

vizsla 3 years old

Hello Ray,
Happy New Year!
Here is our boy, 3 years old in March. He is a fabulous little creature: affectionate, stable, playful, polite, healthy and active! He is quite tall and weighs 65 pounds. He learns quickly and other than a little stubborn streak, listens and minds instruction well. He is known and loved in our neighbourhood and gets constant compliments on his good looks. Constant!
Take care,
Janet and Chris

Email received January 2016

Bonneterre vizsla breederHi Ray!

I saw your picture on facebook today of the new Ocea/Zeus pup. She’s a beauty! Our girl, Amsterdam, is from the first Ocea/Zeus litter in 2012. Attached is a picture of her on a walk in the fall.

She is the most loving, strong, wonderful dog we could imagine. She can hike all day long, and then fall asleep on your lap. It’s the best. THANK YOU!

Hope all is well with you.


Email received  April 2015

Vizsla puppy

Caber, growing into his wrinkles and ears.

Vizsla owner testimonialHi Ray,

We just wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much we love Xander. We could not have asked for a better puppy. He has the greatest temperment of any dog we’ve ever had. He loves all things living…other dogs, our 2 cats, children, and adults, he is just wonderful. We started out just wanting a companion dog but we entered him into a field test where we were able to see and appreciate his amazing hunting and pointing instincts. He is only one leg away from his FDJ designation and we are planning on entering him in NAVHDA this fall. Thank you for all your help and support!

Derek + Candice

Vizsla siblings

Floyd and his big sister

Email received November 2014

Vizsla booster show winner

Mikka winning best pup at Vizsla booster show

Email received May 2009

vizsla pointing in field

Hi Ray.

I hope everything is going well.

Baron finished his FDJ last weekend at the Brittany Spaniel Club of Ontario tests in Zephyr. He passed with a 94. He was spectacular in the bird field, pointing 3 birds within 5 minutes. He was steady to wing for all three. He only lost his marks in the control fields because he was a bit relaxed.

So his three test scores were: 100, 89 and 94 (Average 94.3).

Does CKC send us anything saying he is FDJ? Is there a certificate?

I have attached a picture of Baron pointing the third bird (at 15 yards).

Take care.

Hi Ray,

I just want to let you know that Daxter has settled in very nicely. He’s perfect! I must say that you did an excellent job in picking Daxter for our family. As novice pet owners we really didn’t know what to expect, but our little vizsla is so eager to please us that training has been very easy.

By the way, he has complete run of the house (I know against every-one’s advise) but he really seems to understand that certain parts of the house are off limits- he only goes to the forbidden zones when he wants our attention, and then he squeaks a toy so that we know he’s there.

Our vet says that Daxter is healthy and a good looking vizsla (she has several vizsla’s in her practice from other breeders, but they aren’t as pretty.) Daxter is a pleasure to walk, he came well socialized. He plays with all our neighbours’ dogs and he’s not afraid of people. He also would love to chase bikes and cars, but he’s learnt to sit instead, tail thumping. He can’t resist my son’s skateboard and has actually tried riding it, much to the amusement of guys in the skateboard park. Daxter and my son are the best of friends, yesterday I caught them cooling off together in the bath-tub water splashing in all directions. He’s also an avid digger- nothing makes our Daxter happier then digging in the sandpit at the local school-yard. He’s still very young (11 weeks), he’s pointing, unfortunately mostly at ants…..but he’s still learning!

He doesn’t like to be crated. When we initially crated him he was like an opera singer, his vocal span and abilities were quite impressive. Now he gives us a few whimpers in protest, but remains calm and sleeps until we let him out.

We love Daxter. I can’t imagine our life without him. Thank You so very much for such a wonderful puppy.


Email sent

Hi Ray,

vizsla puppyJust thought we would send you a picture of Benson, he is a great boy. He is sitting on the couch beside me right now with his Nylabone….he has had his shots a couple of weeks ago, and the vet said he looked good.

He was house broken in the first week, is coming, sitting, and off on command of course with the help of some treats…. he sleeps in his crate at night and stays in their a few hours at a time when we have to go out…. ( Ana’s parents live down the street and have been helping out if we are more than a few hours out) we love this little guy so much – he is wonderful. He is very social and loving to all visitors, he’s been getting good exercise everyday with dad, and we have a private obedience trainer coming in this week – he will start phase II classes with a group in January.

He looks really good as you will see in the picture – I think he is going to be a good size male.

Hope you are well, and feel free to drop in and see Benson any time you are in Georgetown.


D’Arcy, Ana and Benson says hello Grand dad…

Letter from 1983

At age 14 months, Rusty was sent to Elliott’s Training Kennels in Knoxville, Tennessee, U.S.A. for a period of three months to be trained as mantracker. Mr. Elliott was a little hesitant as he had only trained German Shepherds, Dobermans, and Rottweilers. Mr. Elliott stated, “Not all dogs can stand up to the rigorous training and discipline. Three months later when Rusty graduated, Mr. Elliott rated him as one of the best to be trained at his kennels.

Vizsla dog mantrackerWhile at the Kennel being trained as a mantracker, Mr. Elliott also tried him at sniffing drugs and he passed with flying colors. In December, 1981, the Pennsylvania State Police and the Pennsylvania Game Commission requested that Rusty, perhaps could find a deer hunter that had not returned from the woods. This hunter was reported missing at 3:00 pm, and search parties searched for him until 12 o’clock midnight without any luck. Rusty was then called. He was put on track with only the smell of the hunters shirt, which his wife had brought from home, that he had worn the previous day. At approximately 1:00 pm, Rusty started tracking the lost hunter. Six hours and approximately 10 miles later, the missing hunter was found dead. Rusty and his owner-handler, and a park ranger had worked tirelessly tracking this hunter. All were thanked for a job well done, but most of the thanks went to Rusty, and he loved all the attention.

In May 1982, Rusty was used by the Beaver County Sheriff’s Department to track an armed robber. The armed robber held up a business in a local shopping plaza. He ran and subsequently stole a car. He preceded down the highway and eventually abondoned the automobile 10 minutes later near a heavily wooded area. The Sheriff’s office immediately called for Rusty to track the fleeing felon. The only scent Rusty had to go on was teh seat and the gas pedal of the stolen automobile which the robber had been in for only 10 minutes. He tracked this robber through the woods, up a mile high steep hill, over a golf course, through another area of woods and into a town. He lost the trail in town where the robber was picked up in an automobile by an accomplice. This trail covered about six or seven miles. With Rusty’s help they were able to locate and apprehend the robber in the town not far away.

In November 1982, Rusty and his owner-handler were called to patrol an area where a bomb had exploded and several tons of explosives still on the property were sniffed out by Rusty.

During the summers of 1981 and 1982, Rusty was used to patrol the Fair Grounds with his owner-handler.

Rusty is also an Honorary Deputy Sheriff and has his own badge.

Your truly,

Clyde R. Anderson, Owner-Handler