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Ray Rowan – Owner & Founder

Portrait of the first Bonneterre Vizslas

Portrait of the first Bonneterre Vizslas

Ray Rowan has been breeding Vizslas since 1977 (when he had a full head of hair) which is evidenced in the pictures below. Ray’s vizslas have achieved many milestones throughout the years including:

  1. Inaugural Tibor Reitor Award in 1980 given to Ray’s CH Cincilli’s Sasha FD FDX NAVHDA Prize UTIII.
  2. First prize #1 NAVHDA NA (Natural Ability) in North America

It all started with Ray’s first dog, a beautiful girl named Yeona who is pictured below. Ray recognized Yeona’s great qualities and chose her to become his foundation bitch. Yeona’s great grandchildren can be seen on the pages of this website continuing her winning ways in the show ring and in the field.

Vizsla Best of Breed 1977

Yeona Best of Breed
Ontario County Kennel Club


Vizsla Best of Breed 1978

Yeona – Best of Breed (beating 32 Vizslas) & Finishing 2nd in Group
Seaway Kennel Club


#1 Vizsla in Canada



A more recent picture of Ray and his vizsla Ocea Pearl winning #1 Vizsla in Canada in the field dog junior category.

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